The List of Thirty

The List of Thirty is something I started when I was nearing 40. Yes 40. And now I’m 50!

Some things tilt to the mundane, some are lofty and some are just plain time consuming… but I am a fan of “lists” and checking things off.

In no particular order and needs to be updated:

  1. Do a stand-up comedy routine (I am currently taking a comedy improv class)
  2. Go whale watching
  3. To raise smart, healthy, well adjusted kids – so far so good!
  4. Ride the NYC subway  – check! With my daughter and we were safe and successful.
  5. Write and publish a book.
  6. Create a line of greeting cards.
  7. Go to all fifty states  – almost check!
  8. Go to all the Continents.
  9. Go scuba diving – check!
  10. Meet Oprah Winphrey (while many of you mock, I think she’s a trail blazer)
  11. See AC/DC in concert – check!  What a show.
  12. Go canoeing – check!  One of the most relaxing adventures.
  13. Go white water rafting – check! Need bigger rapids now.
  14. Slalom water-ski:  check!  I’m actually quite good
  15. Climb a mountain – pretty much any mountain
  16. See a total solar eclipse – check! And my parents said I would go blind. Ha!
  17. Start a business – check!  It was quite successful (pre- divorce and real life)
  18. Get a tattoo – check!  I have two. One I like and one I dislike.
  19. Have a professional cleaning service clean my house – seems trite I know, but how nice would that be. (I did it for 3 years – can longer afford this luxury)
  20. To win the lottery
  21. To start a non-profit that really helps someone – there are a lot of great causes
  22. To become a mentor –  Mentor Iowa
  23. To be a contestant on Survivor – I applied five times and no luck. I guess that ship has sailed.
  24. Play a round in the LPGA – I really enjoy golf, but will most likely never be that good.
  25. Be on TV – check! Yep! A small role on The Young and Restless
  26. Be on the radio – check! A DJ for a day stint when I was young and reckless
  27. Have a motorcycle license – check! Also when I was young and reckless
  28. To always see the glass half-full – work in progress
  29. To invent something – anything!
  30. To go back to college and work towards a degree – it’s never too late right?