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Summer bucket list

How is it that it’s already July? With no major trips planned, I’m starting to panic that the summer will slip away and I’ll miss out on some serious summer fun. So, here it is. Another list of “to-do’s” … … Continue reading

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My KOSAMA Journey

I’ve been a moderate exerciser my entire life. What does moderate mean? Moderate means I’m healthy, but a little fat. I enjoy activities like walking, the eliptical, pilates, weights, bike riding, etc. Easy on the knees stuff. And if I’m … Continue reading

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Heal My Broken Heart

My family and I were at the cabin in late July. It was a steamy Friday afternoon in Iowa. The kids were cooling off in the water, my husband was tinkering around and I was relaxing on the dock watching … Continue reading

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Honk if you collect baby doll heads

The other day a friend was telling me about an offensive bumper she saw at the car wash. It was a picture of the Trix Rabbit (kids cereal) with the saying; “Silly Faggot, Dicks are for Chicks.” Immediately offended she … Continue reading

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How to take a horrific passport photo

Plans were made; we were getting the hell out of Dodge. My family and I were headed to the Riviera Maya in Mexico for five days prior to Christmas. The night before we were scheduled to leave for our trip, … Continue reading

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Facebook … we’ve created a social monster

I love facebook. I hate facebook. I’m indifferent to facebook. I’m addicted to facebook. We’ve all been there, the roller coaster ride of facebook. If you don’t know what facebook is, please stop reading now. I was a late bloomer to … Continue reading

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My first blog … why blog?

Firstly, I love to write. And like everything else, the more you do it, the better you become. So I will apologize now for my lack of experience but I know my writing will improve and my voice will become … Continue reading

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