Is it ok to whine about wine?

White wine #1I am somewhat of a wine connoisseur. I dabble with different types and brands – mostly I simply enjoy a glass(es) of wine.

Recently on my way home from work I stopped at a convenience store for a bottle of what I like to call, “everyday wine”. Sure I could have gone to a wine shop or grocery store. But this particular day I went to a convenience store because it was convenient (nearby, close, handy, easily accessible).

I bought my little brown bag home and put it in the fridge to chill.

A few hours later I went to the open the bottle. Immediately I could tell something was wrong. Missing was the pear, citrus type aroma, replacing it was the stench of vinegar gone bad, if that’s even possible.

Regrettably I still poured a glass to try out. For the love of god, what was I thinking? It tasted like fermented pear with a hint of cat urine. It was putrid!

I asked my husband it he would try it. (Yes, I’m one of those people).
“WOW! This takes like crap, why don’t you try it?”
Of course he declined.

I was a little upset. I just bought this bottle off the store shelf and it was BAD!
I took the bottle back to the store where the clerk told me,
“There’s nothing I can do. The manager will be in tomorrow between 9 and 5.”

Remaining calm I left the bottle of wine (cat urine) on the counter and said I’d be in touch.

Now, I get it. Bad bottles of wine happen. But surely there must be some sort of policy to reimburse this type of tragic event. Still a little upset, but wise enough not to take it out on the clerk, I went home and composed an email to the convenience store and the wine company.

I wasn’t necessarily expecting a response but I felt better taking this tragedy to the top!

Lo and behold, both companies emailed back with apologies and wanting more details. Yes, I obliged to their wishes. Then Christmas came early. The convenience store sent me a hand-written note with a gift card. And the wine company sent me a check! My first thought was, “holy crap I made out like a bandit!” My second thought was “WOW! What exceptional customer service.

RAVE:  Kum & Go Convenience Stores and Barefoot Winery


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