In a nutshell, my trip to my homeland (Winnipeg, Canada) was wonderful.
I wish it wasn’t such a long drive so I could go more often.

It was great to spend time with my mom again. I witnessed much physical improvement since March. Cognitively the changes are more gradual. But I do believe she can hear and understand. She can say some words and sentences.
I wish the stroke had never happened.

But it has.
I wish she would improve more and more everyday so she could go home.

My dad has turned into a wonderful nurturer and caregiver. He is at the hospital every day taking care of my mom’s physical needs. Comforting her at her sad times. Praying and singing with her.
I wish we saw more of this side.

I was able to spend some fun and meaningful time with my brothers.
I wish we weren’t so messed up!  🙂

I spent an evening with a dear friend from Australia.
I wish she lived closer – she would be a lovely best friend.

I was very sad when I said good-bye to my mom.
I wish that she understood that I would come back.

I really missed my husband and kids while I was in Canada.
I wish my dog Lucy hadn’t died while I was away.

I’m grateful to be safely back home.
I wish I didn’t have to go back to work quite so soon.

Wishes:  Have strong desire for, hope, polite requests.

i wish


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