My mission statement for 2013: To be a healthier me


There’s no time like the beginning of the New Year to make new goals and resolutions or to recommit to previous ones.
It feels like a fresh start and who doesn’t appreciate that?

Most of December I was stricken with the “crud”. Fever, chills, fatigue and a whole lot of congestion. I’m usually a healthy person so this sickness really cramped my style. I was finally feeling better near Christmas when I was in a car accident. Now it’s an entirely new soreness.

Prior to all of this I thought a lot about wellness, now however, I am FOCUSED on it.

For simplicity, wellness can be broken down into five categories: physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. I believe a balanced life embraces all of these areas.

My mission statement for 2013:  To be a healthier me.

Physical Wellness
Exercise:  I plan to continue to exercise 5 to 6 times each week for no less then 45 minutes each day. I have been attending Kosama since May 2012 but will slowly faze this out. It’s been a great kick-start to physical fitness and is an amazing workout! No complaints other then I am weary of getting up so early (4:30 AM if you’re curious). Also, I have an hour lunch break at work and a fitness center that offers excellent classes. Last but not least, I have a plethora of exercise equipment at home which I have become disciplined enough to take advantage of. In the spring, I look forward to longer bike rides, walks and hikes. Nothing beats being outdoors for your work out.

Nutrition:  In the past I concentrated on burning calories and gave less attention to what I was consuming. This year’s plan includes; healthier choices, smaller portions, an exorbitant amount of water, much less wine and less dining out. I’m reading some informative books and receiving some guidance in this area. I plan to share more in future blogs.

Sleep:  The ever-neglected sleep. There’s no use fighting it. My body needs about 7 hours of sleep a night. I’m a morning person so that means getting to bed by 10:30 PM. I’m always nearing the age of “the change” so often I wake up in the middle of the night. I’m learning some relaxation and deep breathing methods to help lull me back to sleep.

Alignment:  I visit a chiropractor once or twice a month for regular adjustments. Not only have these adjustments helped in a time of great need (pinched nerves), but I’ve come to rely on these regular adjustments as healthy maintenance to my body. Also, when I have the means, a deep tissue massage is magnificent!

Intellectual Wellness
A wonderful perk of working at Drake University is that I can take classes for fun or towards a degree. Next semester I am registered for a Women’s Study class. Thus far I have taken English classes and graphic design classes. Nothing like getting back in the classroom and exercising my brain. Sure I’m over twice the age as the other students … it adds to the fun!

I will also continue to read both fiction and non-fiction books to increase my knowledge and to better myself personally and professionally. I also will continue to listen to talk radio as a source of staying up-to-date on the world around me. I prefer radio over television for this information. The “talking heads” drive me crazy!

Part of intellectual wellness for me is creativity. I love and need to exercise my creative side. My goals include writing more frequently, creating mosaics and expanding my garden.

Under this category I will also add finances. My husband and I are attending a seminar by Dave Ramsey (an absolute guru in the world of personal finance). Improve our personal finances.

Social Wellness
I am very much a people person, but at the end of the day in the office I tend to convert into a homebody. I plan to spend more time with my kids trying new activities or learning more about their interests. I would like to have more impromptu date nights with my husband and more walks or coffee outings with friends and family.

I also plan on volunteering again. Several years ago I was very involved in my community. Since I returned to work full time, I have fallen away from this much-needed activity. Currently, my plans are to volunteer at a local senior home and register with Mentor Iowa.

Emotional Wellness
I feel like there is not a self-help book out there that I haven’t read. And reflection? Some days that’s all I seem to do. In this area my goal is to lighten up. Smile more, laugh more, try to make a positive impact in someone else’s life. A friend bought me a “positive clicker” as a gift. It may seem trifle, but it’s a great reminder to be more positive and share the love.

Also, beginning in January, I have registered to attend meditation classes. My goal with this is to reduce anxiety and distraction. Everything I have heard and read shows that mediation is beneficial for mind, body and spirit. My first class is January 12. I’m enthusiastically looking forward to learning to live in the moment while decreasing my anxiety level.

Spiritual Wellness
This is a little more difficult to measure.
I’m currently reading a book written by the Dalai Lama entitled Beyond Religion, Ethics for a Whole World.
Essentially it’s how to we all need to get along in this world despite our different beliefs. And how we can be true to our faith or secularism and live an ethical life. Some of these universal traits include love, kindness, compassion, generosity, tolerance, respect, forgiveness and personal integrity.

We are all connected. How I live my life affects others. How you live your life affects others.
Just wait until you see what is possible when you shine your little light on the world!

Rave:  I believe that life is worth living.

Great things ahead!

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  1. Dave Hofer says:

    So the Dalai Lama waliks into a take out pizza joint and says
    “make me one with everything”

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