Stop and smell the flowers

I spent a half-day last week uncluttering my bookshelf.  While my kids prefer Kindles (electronic books), I’m a little old-fashioned and prefer real books. The problem with real books is you run out of space to store them. Solution … purge.

I was feeling rather pleased with my vast collection when I discovered the shelf with all the self-help books. Dear god, that was a rough patch on the journey. I cannot believe some of the crap I had read. Many of the the titles included the words, find, fix, shadow and discover.

I had two piles developing … keep and how-in-the-hell-did-you-find-your-way-into-this-house. The latter was growing by leaps and bounds.

In the process of purifying my bookshelf, I found a copy of a beloved childhood book entitled, Ferdinand. I fondly thought back to the first time I had read this masterpiece. I was six and I found this treasure on my first-ever trip to the library. I checked it out in late summer and didn’t return it until the end of the school year. This oversight regarding due dates was a combination of a clueless first grader and a bungling librarian.

I opened the book and began to read the short tale. Ferdinand was a misunderstood bull who simply liked to sit and smell the flowers rather than fight with the other bulls. As I finished the story, I pondered back to first grade and wondered what was it about this book that resonated with me. I recall reading it all the time and loving it. Maybe I understood at early age that I was an oddball. Or perhaps I understood the importance of slowing down and smelling the flowers.

My current “pause” location is my backyard. I am a novice but enthusiastic gardener. I love to sit outside, feel the sun, the gentle breeze and gaze at my garden. There is always something in bloom, and usually something fluttering about.  While relaxing in the morning I drink coffee, and at night a glass of wine. It encourages a slower pace and tranquility. This is where I let go of the days’ injustices and nagging doubts. It’s where my creativity soars and where gratitude rests.

Rave: Find your place to stop and smell the flowers.


Stop and smell the flowers

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