Summer bucket list

How is it that it’s already July?

With no major trips planned, I’m starting to panic that the summer will slip away and I’ll miss out on some serious summer fun.

So, here it is. Another list of “to-do’s” … but these are enjoyable ones!

Take the entire summer off work and travel with my family!
Yeah, that’s a wishful thinking one right now, but here are a few feasible ambitions.

  1. Host more family gatherings
  2. Visit a local winery
  3. Go fishing … canoeing … camping … hiking
  4. Longer bike rides
  5. Tour the Villisca Axe Murder house
  6. Attend a Drake University Conservatory program
  7. More golf
  8. More porch time
  9. Try new recipes
  10. Attend a NASCAR race (that’s included for the benefit of my husband)

RAVE:  Make the time for summer fun!

Share your next outing.

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  1. ydm says:

    Life IS good. How was the axe house?

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