My KOSAMA Journey

I’ve been a moderate exerciser my entire life. What does moderate mean? Moderate means I’m healthy, but a little fat. I enjoy activities like walking, the eliptical, pilates, weights, bike riding, etc. Easy on the knees stuff. And if I’m outside even better!

About a year ago I decided enough was enough. I needed to shed some pounds. Through my moderate exercising, portion control and carb cutting I managed to kick 10 pounds to the curb. Hooray!

However, realistically I needed to drop another 20.

I had a friend who was in the midst of a great workout program and experiencing much success. The work out was Kosama (sounds like Obama).

What is Kosama you ask?

The website definition:
Muscle Confusion, Nutrition and Consultation are the core components of the Kosama Program.  The Kosama studio is designed for high intensity classes and exercise programs built around the same principles used by world class athletes when they train, but general enough for all fitness levels.

My definition:
A daily kick-ass workout that leaves you drenched in your own sweat. It’s intense, interesting and invigorating.

So, yes I signed up for the 8-week session at the Altoona, IA location.

The first two weeks were great, but my previously injured knee was giving me a lot of trouble. Some days it was so swollen it looked more like a cantaloupe. I went to my knee doctor and he said, “I will give you a doctor’s note right now allowing you to quit Kosama and get your money back.” Apparently he has seen a few knee and shoulder injuries from these intense, boot camp-like programs.

Quit? Not an option.

I spoke with the owner of the Altoona Kosama and he was very helpful. His advice was to stretch more and modify the specific exercises that were causing my knee stress.

And that’s what I did. I stretched, I iced my knee and I modified the moves that were causing me pain. It worked! Within days my knee returned to normal size and I was able to continue with the program.

Kosama offers a variety of work out times. I chose a time that least infringed on my home life. It happened to be 4:55 AM. And this wasn’t even the first class. The first class was at 3:55 AM. Only the crazies went to that one.  🙂

So each morning for 8 weeks I woke up at 4:15 AM, stretched, drank an Ensure and went to class. The workout varied each day. Workouts included: plyometrics, kettle bells, kick boxing, ladders, upper, lower, abs and several other forms of anguish.

Each morning that I dragged myself out of bed was worth the skip in my step when I returned home.

So after 8 weeks my session is complete. I have lost 8 pounds of fat. “Lost?” Let me rephrase, I have annihilated 8 pounds of fat, gained muscle and lost 3.5 inches off my waist. By inches I mean, I went down a pant size. Most importantly I feel better and have more energy. Mentally … I am only moving forward (you go girl!)

On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best, I would rate Kosama (Altoona location) at a solid 10. The owner, staff and coaches are motivational gurus! When you felt like you could not do one more pushup … they inspired you to do five more. They helped with proper form and technique and moved around the room like nurturing hens.

Kosama is currently undergoing some major changes. They no longer offer the 8-week program. Instead you can join by the month or by the year. This was done to promote a healthy life style change, not just an 8-week quick fix. They have also added heart rate monitors, resistance bands, weighted bars and suspension/resistance gadgets. The program constantly evolves to keep you interested and so you don’t plateau.

I have not yet signed up for more Kosama (the alumni phase) only because I am tired of getting up at 4:15 AM. I discovered that sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle as well as exercise and nutrition. So, for the summer I am going to try some things from home and the gym at work. We’ll see how it goes. Most likely I’ll be running back, check in hand and screaming “take me back.”

RAVE:  Thank you Kosama. You were the kick in the ass that I needed.


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4 Responses to My KOSAMA Journey

  1. ydm says:

    I need this kick in the ass! Way to go!

  2. jodi sussner says:

    You are an inspiration – thank you for sharing your story!!

  3. I’m a Kosamie from Cedar Rapids! I love hearing about your journey. I agree that it’s definitely a kickass program, which is perfect for me as well. Cheers to you and good luck in your continued exercise success!

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