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Not all who wander are lost

We all have our own reasons why we believe what we believe. Lovely. The problem for me is when we attempt to force our beliefs on others. And by force, I’m not talking about littering my front door with bible … Continue reading

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Stop and smell the flowers

I spent a half-day last week uncluttering my bookshelf.  While my kids prefer Kindles (electronic books), I’m a little old-fashioned and prefer real books. The problem with real books is you run out of space to store them. Solution … … Continue reading

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Summer bucket list

How is it that it’s already July? With no major trips planned, I’m starting to panic that the summer will slip away and I’ll miss out on some serious summer fun. So, here it is. Another list of “to-do’s” … … Continue reading

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My KOSAMA Journey

I’ve been a moderate exerciser my entire life. What does moderate mean? Moderate means I’m healthy, but a little fat. I enjoy activities like walking, the eliptical, pilates, weights, bike riding, etc. Easy on the knees stuff. And if I’m … Continue reading

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