Facebook … we’ve created a social monster

I love facebook. I hate facebook. I’m indifferent to facebook. I’m addicted to facebook. We’ve all been there, the roller coaster ride of facebook. If you don’t know what facebook is, please stop reading now.

I was a late bloomer to facebook. By the time I joined and set up my profile, it seemed like everyone I knew was a veteran. My first year was a festive reunion of sorts. Then I settled in, the newness wore off and things really started to annoy me.


Facebook has all of the extremes when it comes to posting photos.
My favorite photos are of family, friends and their kids. The extreme: posting photos of your kid everyday. I’m starting to recognize wardrobes in some families. Stop. No one needs 365 photos of your kid or your pet. Just as annoying is no photos. Really? It’s the 21st century … post a damn photo.  Whoops, almost forgot the “I’m so sexy” profile photo. Vacant stare, pouty lips, please have some dignity.

I enjoy browsing through special event photos such as weddings, graduations, vacations and family reunions. But some post a photo every time they step out of the house. When you post a photo of everything you do, you are screaming “look at me I have a social life and I can prove it.” It’s not interesting. It’s sad. Put the camera away and enjoy your social gathering.


The posts that attempt to evoke sympathy. “I’ve had such a hard day, don’t ask, sigh.” Get a cat. It will provide more compassion then your facebook followers. Yet, sometimes the drama is interesting. Occasionally bad things do happen in life. Some days are dark and sharing this with others can be encouraging. Use your best discretion when posting anything heavy or depressing. If you have the slightest doubt, don’t post it.

Song lyrics.

If you’re posting song lyrics, you clearly have nothing to say. However, on the rare occasion I am reminded of a song I really enjoy and haven’t listened to for a while. Still, not worth the gamble.


I love hearing of new careers, a birth, graduations, engagements, etc. … awesome you ran a marathon! It’s the everyday posts that sound something like this. “Just finished my 10-mile run and now I’m going to make dinner with ingredients from my organic garden. My home-schooled children love to help, as does my attorney husband. Tonight I’ll post pics of the jewelry I’m making. Chow!”

Take a breath and allow us the opportunity to congratulate you.


Why do you feel the need to tell everyone on facebook who your BFF is? And if you’re over the age of 10, why are you using the term BFF? It’s shameful. Of course we all have best friends and kindred spirits but that should be a personal connection not a billboard on facebook.

Game requests.

I don’t want to help you fulfill your arsenal, tend a farm or collect jewels. The only exception is Words with Friends. Yes, I’m a scrabble nut.

Blocking and un-friending.

I’ve been blocked and un-friended. How are you not to be insulted by this action? I have nothing positive to say on this one. There’s only one way to take a block or un-friend.

Currently I am a minimalist when it comes to facebook. I seldom post anything, I rarely stalk anyone, I scour others’ posts less frequently. I’m at a Facebook crossroads. Either I will learn to have zero expectations from this social Mecca and find enjoyment on it, or I will sign off.

The fact that I love to blog and dislike facebook may appear to be hypocritical. You could debate any of my fore mentioned annoyances and accuse me of the same. In the end, it’s my page to do what I want … not what Zuckerberg wants.

Rant:  Facebook – we’ve created a social monster.


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2 Responses to Facebook … we’ve created a social monster

  1. Linda says:

    Loved it! I too am at a facebook crossroads. I never post, never even post pictures. Thought of cancelling but seems so permanent.

    • admin says:

      I know right … we keep our accounts because one day someone will post something interesting and we want to be around to read it.

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